VirtualBox Debian 8 guest installation


VirtualBox will fail to install the correct dependencies when running… here is a quick fix. See the debian wiki for additional details. These specific instructions are tailored for Debian 8.

apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Then you can run


Reboot / Restart services and you’re good to go!

Checking installation

If you need to check that the guest additions are available,

systemctl status virtualbox-guest-utils.service && lsmod | grep vbox

Should check that the guest service is running, and also check for vbox modules.



Automated transmission web (Raspberry Pi)

This is a simple script I made when automating pi installs.

When run, it will

  • Install transmission
  • Create transmission settings.json to allow for web access
  • Set default username, password, address/port
  • Reload transmission for changes to take effect

You might need to adjust rpc-whitelist for your network. Also, it isn’t tied to the Pi in any way so you should be able to run it without changes under any Debian machine 🙂

Automated logwatch setup (with logwatch vnstat)

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here! Over a year and three months!

I have been working on my workspace code a lot recently, and covering automation and other areas.

Logwatch is a small, simple mail-based system logging solution that I enable on all my servers, big or small. I typically then archive/delete any messages older than x days old.

Logwatch can be useful as a fallback solution for figuring out vaguely when things have changed, or packages installed, or simply to provide any other information (HTTP responses, fail2ban, vnstat, etc)

Adding vnstat support to logwatch

By default vnstat is not supported with logwatch, so here is an easy way to add support. (

Automating an entire logwatch install

If you are using ansible, chef, or some other configuration management software then you will of course need to either adapt, or interface with this script in your own way.

One thing that I do is have logwatch installed, configured, and additional logwatch services created from provisioning… the script below doesn’t handle apt-get install logwatch, so you’ll need to make sure that is done somewhere else. (