Disable Facebook videos from autoplaying

Facebook has recently integrated a new feature to automatically play video in your news stream — not only can this be an annoyance, but it can also potentially slow down older computers/devices, crash your browser, and waste your bandwidth.


Facebook video settings


You can disable it within the video settings page, and browse freely without having your bandwidth wasted, or your browser potentially crashing.

Scam Alert: 123systems.net

I am just letting the community know about 123systems, a subsiduary of ChicagoVPS, operated by a man named Chris Fabozzi.

123systems is a complete joke. See the attached screenshots which show my communications with them — the entire time my VPS has been unavailable, aside from some very short periods. Eventually they decided to just ignore my tickets and blacklist me from logging in.

Regardless of the amount of money paid for a product/service, said product/service should be delivered. 123systems.net is a scam service and I urge you all to avoid them if you are considering working with them.