Why Amazon’s seller system is completely broken

I think Amazon is awesome. I really do. But after a nightmare of trying to sell with them, I don’t think I’ll be trying again and I certainly won’t be advising anyone else too — unless they sort their shit out.

Think of this as Amazon’s version of the Blue Screen of Death

I got my card information wrong? What’s the big deal?

The issue with the system isn’t just one issue. It’s a plethora of issues that are related to something that isn’t even technically incorrect. Let me explain.

My card details are completely correct. That’s why this is annoying. Am I missing some critical detail? Not exactly. Does reading the amazon help files solve the issue? If you can access them. While some help is available, a huge amount of functionality on the site, including accessing support information is unavailable when this error occurs. You’re also unable to remove any of the previous cards. You are left with a completely broken system, and you’re unable to contact support in order to resolve the issue.

After giving Amazon a quick call, they had a member of the sellers team get back in contact with me (the support team is A+, no issues there) and I proceeded to explain my numerous gripes with the system.

Allegedly this error occurs when Amazon is unable to reserve money from your account (specifically, £30…. quite why a free account would need to do this is completely beyond me, and they seem to have no idea either). This then prevents you from accessing large parts of the system, or even accessing support information in order to resolve the issue.

Also, there isn’t a single mention in the help documents I was able to access that mention ‘reserving’ £30 from my account. I asked the support team to refer me to them, but they were unable to do so.

I have ‘advised’ them to fix these issues and report them to the higher ups/technical teams, but I doubt that will actually happen — which is unfortunate as I generally think Amazon is a good company.


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