Belkin F5D7051 USB WiFi and Linux

These methods have been tested under Fedora, Ubuntu and BackTrack 4. All of the following should work in almost any linux distribution to get a Belkin F5D7051 (or possibly similar device) working in Linux for WiFi access.

By default the F5D7051 conflicts with 3 drivers (the rt* set of drivers). These drivers must be disabled, rndis_wlan must be loaded and then hopefully the strange problems will go away.

1. Remove Conflicting Drivers
rmmod rt2500usb
rmmod rt2x00lib
rmmod rt2x00usb

2. Reinsert the device

3. Load rndis_wlan
modprobe rndis_wlan

You should now restart NetworkManager and things should be good to go. You might wanna check out the bug report I made for Fedora/RH.


  1. hello i have tried this on bt3-final but i get an error that the modules do not exist in /proc/modules.
    (i have Belkin F5D7051_v1000 USB WiFi)

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