A real alternative to uTorrent — Halite

If you were an avid uTorrent user you probably know about the worry that is going around because of uTorrent being sold off to Bittorrent Inc. It might appear as if uTorrent was the ultimate lightweight client – but there are viable alternatives. If you’re like me you know that Bittornado is bland, Azuerus is bloated and BitComet is inherently leaky. The only clients that come close to stealing uTorrent are Deluge, Transmission and perhaps KTorrent. Until now.

Enter Halite. Halite is a lightweight client for windows just like uTorrent was and I’m loving it so far.


Computer Science isn’t real.

Computer Science isn’t real. I get that every day from people. Not the exact quote, but things along those lines.

When I tell people I worked on video games, applications, computer science, websites, and all the usual from the age of 12, and in the case of the video game that I couldn’t even play the damn thing because the system I was using was not even capable (apart from the design process) and that I had to get other people to test it for me, people think I’m either bullshitting or on drugs.

The problem I have is that my family think my love for computer science is fake. They think that somehow I haven’t done the things I have said I have done – no matter how many times you present evidence. I get lectured for not having a job – despite having a perfectly good income from dealing with computers for various ‘clients’. It doesn’t matter what you do – It’s never good enough if it’s computer science. It has to be business, and it has to be about making money.

I don’t know if I have a shallow view of the world – but the way I view career choices is like this.. If you want to make money, you go into business. If you’re genuinely interested in advancements/technology/etc.. then you go into computer science. If you’re going into computer science for money, then you are a fool. People look at people like Bill Gates and think ‘Wow!’ and then try and become part of computer science and related fields, thinking they harbour lots of money. Bill Gates is a hybrid – sure he’s good with computers but he’s better at selling himself.

There are only a few people I bother showing anything I create these days.. primarily a very select few that understand. When your family is bringing you down telling you that you need to do something with yourself – yet they don’t have the slightest clue it really insults you. Maybe some day my family will actually bother to take a look at and maybe even slightly understand some of the things that I’ve worked on rather than assuming it’s all a joke because it’s not business.

Just my rant on life.