Speeding up the Ubuntu/Debian shutdown process

If you’re running ubuntu or a debian based distribution and you want to speed up your shutdown/reboot process then I have built a little script which can safely remove services, create a backup of those services and also remove services which may not be useful on your system (for instance, usplash).

In short, it is a script which theoretically will speed up the ubuntu shutdown/reboot process.. although I havn’t done any benchmarking with it so I dont really know.


I’m not really working on it at the moment although I might go back to it in the future. If you wanna use it or develop it further than go ahead. It’d be cool for someone to create a GUI and use it as a backend similar to BUM (Boot Up Manager). If you have any fixes/changes/suggestions then I’ll probably implement them if they are any good.

Move complete!

Well, the move to my new blog appears to be complete! I have said time and time again over the last few years that at some point I would leave blogspot, and I guess that time finally came.

The new blog is being powered by WordPress, quite a nice blogging platform might I add. I’m thinking about taking up some of the paid services here in future too. Anyways, the new URL for the blog is http://kahrn.wordpress.com, and the new RSS feed can be found at http://kahrn.wordpress.com/feed/.

The posts from the old blog will not be imported to this blog, and the old blog will remain online until 31st August 2007. All new posts will be made to this blog now, however.